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AV Trends to Wow Event Attendees


Event organisers are increasingly incorporating the latest app solutions and technologies into their meetings, events, product launches and congresses.

These technologies can not only streamline processes and increase efficiencies, they can also create a more personalised, engaging and emotional experience for attendees, meaning they’re more likely to remember – and act upon – your key messages once the event is over.

To take attendee experiences to the next level, we’re making sure to incorporate the following audio-visual and technological trends into our clients’ events:

Trend 1: 3D mapping projection

While projection mapping has been around for years, it’s recently evolved from flat-surface mapping to mapping onto multi-dimensional objects or structures.

Today’s mapping technologies can turn almost any surface into a dynamic video display, creating  illusions of depth and movement and transforming even the gloomiest venue into a magical, visually inspiring experiential space.

Trend 2: Gesture Technology

Gesture technology works by using movements, rather than a mouse, keyboard or slide advance, to control a device. Presenters can therefore manipulate presentations through simple gestures, heightening interaction with their surroundings and making for a smoother, more engaging experience for the audience.

Gesture technology is particularly effective for communicating large amounts of information quickly and visually and for ensuring a high a level of engagement and interactivity with attendees.

Some organisations are using gesture technology as a fun and functional learning activity for educational workshops, breakout sessions, or product demonstrations, while top brands are using it to create original, interactive experiences to engage consumers.

Trend 3: Multi-image display software

By using multiple projectors or display devices like video walls and plasma screens, event organisers can create some impressive multi-image presentations.

With an ever increasing emphasis on interactive experiences, interactive video walls and dynamic screens are now frequently seen at large events and congresses, for a number of different functions.

Multi-image display software can be used effectively at tradeshows to display products or video testimonials continuously, meaning that exhibitors’ messages can reach the crowd, even when they’re speaking to an individual client or prospect.

For hybrid events, a video wall can really help engage a remote audience, making them feel as though they’re onsite and part of the crowd.

Display software can also be used to create engaging, dynamic and theatrical effects. When enhanced with effective sound and lighting, this technology can transform a plain meeting space into an unforgettable brand experience.

For purely functional uses, a video wall can also be a very efficient way of directing individuals to the proper breakout rooms or simply sharing the layout of the conference centre at large congresses.

Trend 4: Ipad event solutions

By using an iPad  and event app intelligently, there are many ways of ensuring that event attendees are involved, engaged, and making the most of event content.

On top of that, a great event app can also drastically simplify the life of organiser, and make for a more environmentally-friendly event.

For attendees, this simple solution provides them with all of their conference content in one place: from the programme or agenda to speaker slides and bios.

They can also be encouraged to engage through a ‘question wall’, live voting and questionnaires, while chat rooms and networking functions can make it easier for them to connect with colleagues and key stakeholders.

For organisers, it’s a great way of keeping printing down, and keeping attendees up to date.  Send any last minute updates message through the event app, craft personalised messages to certain attendees, share live news, and even offer branded options for your sponsors.

The app is also a great way of measuring audience engagement and using this data to optimise your next event.

For more information on event technology that can enhance real-time interactivity and take your next event to a whole new level, please contact

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Comments 2

By Pooja Rastogi

Thu, 30th Apr 2015

Its great to see how technology can enhance the overall experience of the event. Would like to know more about gesture technology used during events.

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