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Benefits of Real-Time Delegate Tracking for Organisers and Attendees


Real-time delegate tracking technology is increasingly being used to measure the performance of events, improve return on investment and enhance the overall attendee experience.

There are several ways of implementing this technology, including incorporating additional software into an event app or providing delegates with RFID (Radio Frequency IDentification) conference badges.

If you’re wondering whether implementing a delegate tracking system for your next event is worth the investment, the following key benefits might just convince you:

Benefits for the Organiser

01 Track and manage traffic flow

Organisers can monitor real-time heat-maps to see where crowds are forming. This provides helpful information to improve general logistics and crowd-flow, with organisers able to send messages to people in certain areas, for instance informing those waiting for a session of a room change, or letting those queuing for Coffee Stand A know that Coffee Stand B is free.

02 Discover the most popular sessions and speakers

Delegate tracking systems not only enable you to learn which sessions were most attended, they also allow you to see how long delegates stayed in certain sessions, and which speakers were most effective at engaging with their audience.

Armed with this information, you’ll be better placed to define content and book in sought-after speakers when planning your next meeting.

03 Unlock powerful demographic data

Aside from tracking session and speaker popularity, delegate tracking can provide you with a whole host of magical metrics to improve the performance of your next event.

You can track the number of booths visited, report on specific area activity (e.g. a particular exhibitor stand) including dwell-time, as well as the number of demos attended.

Insightful metrics from your event will give you, as well as your exhibitors and sponsors, real insights into the behaviour, interests and preferences of attendees, and what they’re really looking to gain from your event.

When it comes to planning your next event, you’ll have a deeper understanding of your audience, enabling you to craft and market the event from a significantly informed standpoint.

Benefits for the Attendee

01 A more personalised programme

Delegate tracking can provide attendees with a more  personalised experience and programme, making them feel that their individual needs,  interests and comfort are being taken into account.

By crafting specific, targeted messages to attendees based on their interests, behaviour and location, organisers can significantly enhance the satisfaction of individual attendees.

02  A smooth, social experience

Delegate tracking, as part of an event app, enables attendees to see exactly where they are, both inside and outside of the venue. They’ll be able to find the nearest coffee stand, their next session room, a specific exhibitor or even the toilet with the shortest queue.  Delegate tracking also provides a clear social and networking benefit: attendees can easily connect with and find their friends and colleagues.

03 Simplified CME accreditation

For certain industries, in particular the healthcare industry, tracking systems can be extremely useful for gaining continuing education accreditations, for instance Continuing Medical Education (CME) credits, as attendee tracking can be a powerful tool to prove attendance for auditing purposes.

04  Enhanced exhibitor and sponsor satisfaction

Your sponsors and exhibitors are very important attendees, and by analysing who is visiting their stands, sessions and demos, you can help them optimise their attendance at your next event, and more effectively engage future audiences.

Please share your own experience of delegate tracking, or find out more about the digital trends that can improve your next event by contacting us on

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Comments 2

By Rebecca Schepers

Sun, 1st Mar 2015

Interesting stuff, Tom and also a topic we discussed at the INCON university last year. It will be interesting to see how quickly this type of technology becomes affordable in Australia (which always seems to take a while). It’s certainly something we’re already talking about with our clients and exhibitors and can’t wait for it to come on board!

Tom Vamos

By Tom Vamos

Mon, 9th Mar 2015

Hi Rebecca,
Some of the elements covered are already quite affordable. Certain functionalities (as covered in the article) do indeed require a sophisticated platform – but not all. Might be worth prioritising your tracking needs and checking with a local badging/tracking company to see what they have. Happy to help if required

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