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Image of the Week: ‘Not Any Place’ Experiential Branding Event 2015


Earlier this year, Swire Properties transformed Taikoo Place in Hong Kong into a destination for people to work and play more enjoyably, simultaneously launching the ‘Not Any Place’ brand campaign and product line to encourage a healthier and more productive work-life balance.

To celebrate the launch of the Taikoo Place brand and to engage people in the concept and products, Swire Properties decided to throw a street party with a difference.

Don’t Believe in Style (DBIS), an MCI brand with offices in China, Hong Kong and Singapore, was brought on board to design and deliver an experiential, brand-boosting event for 500 office executives, celebrities, socialites, C-suite executives, bankers, stylists and designers.

DBIS’s innovative event design was inspired by the ‘Not Any Place’ product collection, with the party featuring a 4-metre tall storefront, life-sized shelves and products and larger-than-life shopping bags. These playful features provided perfect photo opportunities for guests, ensuring that the event – and the ‘Not Any place’ brand – made some noise on social networks.

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