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The party’s not over! Why your company still needs an end-of-year event


The corporate Christmas party – once a secure and sacred date in the office calendar – has been getting some tough breaks over the last few years.

We’ve all heard the same debates.

Do the benefits of hosting an end-of-year event really outweigh the costs? Is it justified to spend precious budget on a party in precarious economic times? Does it send a good message to shareholders, to the media and even to employees?

The answer to all of these questions is yes!

An end-of-year event is not simply a nice-to-have. It is an essential team-building tool and a fantastic way of celebrating your staff and improving or maintaining your business health.

And just because an end-of-year event is fun, doesn’t mean it’s frivolous.

We see from our work with corporate clients that end-of-year parties have a number of long-term, beneficial effects.

The fun, celebratory atmosphere of the Christmas party is a great way for management to strengthen ties with employees, and for employees to strengthen ties with each other. We know that employee engagement levels significantly increase when they’re are given the opportunity to network with co-workers and superiors in a less formal social setting.

For your company or brand, an end-of-year party is also a fantastic way to showcase your culture, celebrate accomplishments of the past year, and communicate some key messages for the next business year in a more informal way.

This all adds up to a sense of feeling valued for the employee, and improved productivity levels across the organisation.

Most companies say that their people are their most important asset. It’s therefore worth remembering that it is precisely these assets that will help your company to flourish in economic uncertainty – by going the extra mile for their customers and colleagues. This is why “investing” in a year end party also has a hard benefit for the company and its bottom line, way beyond the softer benefits outlined above.

For ideas on how to throw the perfect end-of-year event for your employees, contact us

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