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Five fun themes for your end-of-year events


Last month, I shared my views on the importance of the corporate Christmas party in my blog post, ‘The party’s not over! Why your company still needs an end-of-year event.’

Enough with the theory!

Now that you’re up to speed on the key business reasons to host an end-of-year event, it’s time for the fun part…..

Favourite themes

People often ask me about my favourite party themes. As MCI Geneva organises around 20 end-of-year events every year, my team regularly comes up with a whole range of original themes and party designs to suit our clients and their brands.

At the same time, we also have a number of classic favourites that never fail to leave a smile on employees’ faces. Here are my personal top five:

1.Snap, Crackle and Pop….

….or cereal box characters in general. Tony the Tiger, Coco the Monkey, the Honey Monster…..everyone fondly remembers the character from their favourite childhood cereal (mine was Tony of course.)

Great for nostalgia, reminiscing, and original costumes!


2. Decades

From the roaring 20s to the swinging sixties, decades are always a popular theme.

They’re even better if your company has celebrated a big birthday during the year– you can match the theme to the decade your company was launched.


3. Rubik’s Cube party

Guests turn up wearing six different coloured items of clothing, and must swap with their colleagues in order to leave wearing just one colour.
An easy way to boost networking and ensure fun interactions.


4. Mad Men Party

Both men and women love the Mad Men look – from Don Draper’s stylish suits to Joan Holloway’s timeless dresses.

This is the perfect theme if you’re looking to throw a glamourous gathering and close the year in style.


5. A Moustache Bash

And finally, for something that’s bound to provide some Christmas cheer, there’s always the moustache-themed party. A classic theme which lends itself to fun and games – from ‘guess that moustache’ to ‘pin the moustache’ and many more.


So… these are my favourite themes, how about yours?

Share your ideas below or contact me on to find out how we can find the perfect theme for your end of year event.

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