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Image of the Week: Product Launches that Pack a Punch


Launching new products is the lifeblood of many companies, and taking a new product to market is an exciting time for both the biggest brands and smallest start-ups.

With only one shot at getting it right, product launches are also high-pressure events.

Newsan’s Noblex Launch Event

Luckily, our creative teams are pros at putting together product launches that pack a punch!

Earlier this year, MCI Argentina helped Newsan to create a major buzz around its new Noblex product line-up, including its new smartphone (pictured.)

Held in the incredible creative space of the Faena Arts Center in Buenos Aires under the theme “We Create Evolution”, MCI helped deliver two very different events to engage key audiences – a brunch for press and an evening event for VIP clients.

Noblex was delighted with the launch events, which took its new products to market in style and created the noise needed to drive initial sales.

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By Pooja Rastogi

Tue, 22nd Dec 2015

Is there a post event report for this event which shares the challenges and solutions offered?

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