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High Five for Hybrid Events


Here are five reasons why going hybrid works.

1. A better attendee experience

Adding a hybrid element won’t tempt attendees to stay at home and tune in online; on the contrary, it actually improves the overall delegate experience. They can access material they’ve missed, or revisit sessions they particularly liked.

2. Broader reach, higher impact

Important stakeholders who weren’t able to attend can now access crucial content. And delegates who were there can revisit content long after the closing session. So your key messages can reach more people, for longer.

3. Save time and money

Many companies are imposing travel restrictions and cutting budgets. Hybrid events enable you to get your key messages across to a wide audience, in a time- and cost-efficient way.

4. Creating new revenue streams

There’s gold in digitised content. Several major scientific meetings, for example, now charge non-attendees for online access, and create different pricing points for different levels of access to conference materials.

5. Hybrid events = sustainable events

Hybrid events reduce carbon emissions from travel. But they also open up meetings to those who would otherwise have been unable to attend, such as those from lower income countries.

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