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Hybrid Events – Succeeding on Virtually Every Level


Hybrid events are physical, onsite events that people also view online.  The online element can be delivered either through live streaming or by on-demand video access after the event – or a combination of both.

Until recently event planners were wary of going hybrid. They feared it might cannibalise their face-to-face events, with people choosing to attend virtually rather than in person.

Today, however, planners and their clients are increasingly embracing hybrid events as the way forward.

That’s because comprehensive industry research, including an MPI study from way back in 2012, suggests that face-to-face attendance actually increases when a hybrid element is added.

So it’s no surprise that hybrid events are becoming so popular!

Hybrid Success Stories
Here are just a few examples of hybrid events we’ve organised for very different clients, with great results:

FIBA_blog2A Slam Dunk for FIBA
Adapting the complex structure of the International Basketball Association HQ to a dynamic live event format, while also broadcasting to more than 4,000 online viewers.

ESPEN: Creating a New Revenue Stream

Extending the lifecycle of the European Society for Clinical Nutrition & Metabolism congress, and generating profit of over €80,000 through a Global Content Dissemination service.

Create_SmarterBuilding Community for Killarney
Promoting Killarney as a leading business meetings destination through the power of digital engagement and a ‘create smarter’ event.

Look out for our next post, where we’ll set out our top five reasons for going hybrid.

And if you’d like to discuss how we can design a hybrid event that delivers tangible results for you, please contact us on

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