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“Politics and business in dialogue – Mobile, Digital, Global”



Once a year, the BMW Group’s German branch organises a large, public conference in Berlin. In 2015, for the second time, MCI was commissioned to provide solutions to successfully execute this event. The challenge at this edition was to present a familiar venue in a new and different way, keeping the mega trend of “digitalisation” and its impacts on the German automotive industry in focus, and therefore as the central elements of the evening.

Digitalisation is one of the country’s latest major political issues, and one in which politicians are showing great openness to economic positioning. The primary aim of the event was to seize this momentum and encourage dialogue on this topic.

The other challenge was to ensure the first official Berlin appearance of new CEO Harald Krüger demonstrated the BMW Group’s willingness to engage in discussions and actively shape and address political issues.


In close consultation with BMW, MCI devised a strategy to optimise the spatial use, and design it in keeping with the theme, which would in turn allow the target audience to be addressed directly.

The new BMW flagship – the BMW 750Li – was positioned prominently as a central element, with the themed information stands, exhibits and stage arranged around it in starburst fashion. This layout also enabled the target audience to disperse more effectively after the introductory discussion.

A large stage with live simulcast was designed to give all 300 visitors the best view of the VIP speakers. After the informative 45-minute stage programme, guests were able to focus on the topics of mobility and digitalisation in a global context, while enjoying a casual atmosphere.

In addition to an exhibition on the live testing of gesture recognition, the energy flows within the vehicle were impressively displayed on a vertically hanging model wall using real components and LED lighting. The guests also had the opportunity to experience riding a BMW motorbike using head-mounted displays in a virtual simulation.

As a lead agency, MCI of course took charge of all logistics at its usual high level, but what particularly made the evening a success were the quality standards enforced at this exclusive, VIP event.

Lasting results

300 guests from business and politics accepted the invitation on the topic of “Politics and business in dialogue – Mobile. Digital. Global” to discuss the digital future of the automotive industry at the eWerk in downton Berlin on 10 November 2015. It kicked off with a dialogue on stage between Federal Minister Sigmar Gabriel (SPD leader, Minister for Economic Affairs and Energy, and Vice Chancellor) and Harald Krüger (CEO of the BMW Group). Participants included various ambassadors and members of Germany’s Federal Parliament.

  • The display at Berlin’s eWerk showcased the new BMW 750Li to the audience, and brought the allure of digitalisation to life
  • The many opportunities for dialogue, as well as the exhibition’s information stands focusing on mobility and digitalisation, were key to the event’s success.
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