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How much does it matter? Reward and Recognition


We spend increasing amounts of time in the work place and it must be clear to even the most cynical of us that recognising talent and rewarding success is vitally important in any organisation.  It simply isn’t enough to pay your staff a salary, give them a pension for their old age, allow them to become a member of your healthcare scheme for when they are sick.  Don’t get me wrong, all these are great benefits that staff should be delighted with. These are very important and valuable rewards.  But actually, publically, recognising success is an emotional experience for both parties and one that we should all embrace more often. Real human, open your heart, recognition is invaluable.

A company Reward and Recognition scheme is often a good vehicle to ensure that staff are being considered, whilst all around can be hectic and staff can have the feeling of profit first, people second.  However the important part of any scheme like this, I truly believe to be,  is the Recognition.  A tasteful, but public ‘Hey everyone … did you know” type fanfare recognition.  The ‘Reward’ should be more fun rather than value, and although essential should never overshadow this.

Someone who is appreciated really will go further for you and your organisation – this isn’t just a myth. Enthusiasm is contagious and will deliver satisfaction and happiness to both the individual and the company.  Recognition of achievements will keep standards high.  And in saying all this, we shouldn’t just reserve our recognition for the ‘R&R scheme’, but make it part of our relationships at work and let it grow into a behaviour.  Amongst other things, we must always work for at least fun and fulfilment.

Admit they are better at something than you are. After all you should be employing staff that complement the talent you already have.  It’s hard to write this without mentioning the business angle, but if you lose the staff that you’ve spent time on, you’ve put effort into and who you care about, then you might as well pour your money down the toilet.

Create a great place to work, that can offer your staff a career (if they want one, it’s OK if they don’t) and that is enjoyable, exciting and entertaining.

OK, I’m a bit passionate about this, don’t want to get too soppy and I shouldn’t go overboard, but certainly make sure you say (quite loudly) well done a little more often than maybe you did today.  It does matter.

Jenny Arden

Deputy Managing Director

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