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Live tech, gamification and role play at World Hepatitis Summit


Over 400 million people are chronically infected with hepatitis B and C. Viral hepatitis causes 1.4 million deaths a year and is ranked among the top 10 global causes of death. The World Hepatitis Summit was launched in order to scale up the world’s response and to address the need for a global forum to examine public health approaches to the disease.

The Summit is a joint World Health Organisation (WHO) and World Hepatitis Alliance (WHA) event that directly addresses the overwhelming global burden of viral hepatitis. The inaugural 2015 Summit was held on 2-4 September in Glasgow, Scotland, gathering 550 hepatitis patients, researchers, carers and government policy-makers from more than 80 countries. One objective of the event was to help attendees realise how to form a national plan should an outbreak of hepatitis happen. To educate delegates on responding to a crisis situation, MCI UK created an immersive experience by placing the audience into that scenario, through innovative and interactive role play. Mock news reports, played by actors, were broadcast. Delegates were split into groups, and each person allocated a different character role to play to form a representative taskforce to manage the crisis. Each group had a mix of nationalities, seniority and job function.

MCI created the scripts and storyboards for the three-hour session as well as producing all the video newsreels and production on the day. Delegates were challenged not just to manage the disease outbreak, but how to communicate it to the country’s population. The audience had no other choice than react, engage and respond.

MCI brought to life a highly interactive and engaging three-day programme… attendees had the best experience possible and were motivated to turn their learning from the Summit into dedicated action in the fi ght against viral hepatitis”, said Alexander Rushton, World Hepatitis Summit Event Director, WHA

More information : Interactive Simulation at the World Hepatitis

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