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Can One Man Change the World? – The Power of Events


I was recently struck by a blog from DJ/Presenter Lauren Laverne (former singer with 90’s indie-darlings Kenickie, surely you remember!) where she compared the frivolous nature of being a DJ with the deep joy and meaning it brings to others. She concluded: ‘if I can find meaning doing my job, maybe anyone can‘.

This got me thinking.

As a Project Director at MCI, do I add meaning to people’s lives – am I making a difference?

Actually, I think I am.

Recently at MCI we’ve delivered a hands-on endoscopy learning zone, broadcast live surgery via satellite and created a sensory garden within the heart of an exhibition area. Aimed at delegates with Alzheimer’s and dementia, the garden not only enhanced the congress but crucially, the congress experience.

Every event we deliver brings people together (the MCI motto is “When people come together, magic happens”): they talk about their work and passions and compare session notes; they drink coffee and make friends. They go back to work armed with new knowledge, new ways of working or even, in the case of the hands-on sessions, with new skills.  Having bettered themselves, they go on to better the world around them.

And what did I do?

I got them together. I got them there. I created an environment to meet and network, to learn and improve. I created experiences and memories. I made them want to be there. Hopefully, I made them want to come back next year.

I know I’m never going to be a brain surgeon or invent a life-changing wonder-drug; I know I’m never going to be on the front-line of ‘making a difference’. But if I can empower those who actually are then I can proudly say that I’ve done my part.

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