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How to Market your Event like a Pro using Facebook


Over one billion people are active on Facebook, so it’s definitely worth promoting your event and engaging with your audience on this particular network.

1. Hold a Facebook contest

Holding contests on Facebook is a great way to drive engagement. Of course, you’ll need to make sure that your competition is relevant to your event strategy and objectives, but there are a few easy and obvious ways to get people posting that can work for most events. Think about a best photo or best video contest to get people really engaged. Using contests before the event can drum up interest and boost registration, and giving away free tickets or a free registration to your event to the winner is an obvious way of attracting people to participate.

You can also launch a competition during the event to encourage as much user generated content as possible onsite. This also gives you a great reason to reconnect with attendees when the event is over – by announcing the winner.

 2. Use Multi-Media Content

Just like Twitter, multi-media content is far more likely to receive likes, shares and comments on Facebook, so make sure that you’ve got high quality photos and video to share on Facebook during and after the event.

3. Monitor and Engage

Make sure that your posts are engaging, that you’re answering questions, monitoring opinions, and responding to your attendees.

How to Market your Event like a Pro using Facebook

Fan page or Event? What’s the difference?

Because of the different options available for promoting events, brands or services on Facebook, some event managers are confused about which ones to go for. Here’s a rough guide:

  • Fan Pages

We suggest setting up a Fan Page for any large event or a regular event. Fan Pages have access to Facebook applications and are well set up for sharing and posting. Your attendees and communities can become fans and then post content to your wall.

  • Group Pages

If you’re throwing an exclusive event, you may consider setting up a Group Page. However, you should be aware that the Group Page has to be linked to an individual Facebook account and that instead of becoming a fan by liking the page, people must choose to become members. This works well for internal events for employees or reward events for VIP clients, for instance.

  • Create an Event

The Facebook Event application allows both people and Fan Pages to create event listing and invite followers to join. If this is a public event, then followers can further spread the word by inviting their own friends. This approach tends to work well in conjunction with a Fan Page.


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