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Success Story: Engaging and Activating your Community with Curated Content


Each topic well-crafted and driven by the respective chair definitely addressed the real requirement in global market scenario of the clinical world. We look forward to more conferences like this one in India to make this industry more effective and efficient.” Platinum Sponsor

The Challenge

The Society for Clinical Data Management (SCDM) held its second conference in India on the 11th and 12th of December, 2015. The conference was conceived to act as a platform for professionals from different spheres in the C.R.A.M.S (Contract Research And Manufacturing Services) industry to share their expertise and learn about the industry trends and latest updates in Clinical Research.

With India now being identified as a pivotal point in contributions towards Data Management, the aim of the two day conference was to appeal to various components of this industry to put forward their views on the innovations in the technologies that can impact the future of Clinical Data Management.

Unlocking Potential

SCDM’s marketing efforts to appeal to their local community were bringing limited results as no analysis had been conducted on the existing membership database. The content produced wasn’t tailored to the target audience, resulting in little engagement.

In order to ensure the success of its conference and raise its profile, SCDM needed a strong strategic partner with association and asset development expertise to engage and activate its audience.

Solutions & Results

To address those challenges, MCI exercised its analytics and digital capabilities to study the existing membership database and devised an engagement campaign. Designed around curated content the campaign resulted in:

  • Boosting engagement with email marketing campaigns
  • Driving specific behavior with dedicated content using analytical tools
  • Maintaining India as a relevant market for CDM using call-to-action built on background research
  • Expanding membership database using organic and paid methods
  • Predicting target audience’s actions by leveraging other associations’ platforms
  • Raising brand awareness using network of C-level leaders of pharmaceutical companies and SCDM task force’s professional community
  • Increasing delegate registration by 34% with aligned marketing communication (email and telemarketing script)
  • Growing membership with tailored made (on trial basis) programmes offered exclusively to non-member delegates.

With MCI’s strategic communication and marketing support, SCDM’s second conference was a success and attracted 32.7% more attendees, 18% more speakers and 66% more sponsors and exhibitors compared to the 1st edition in 2013. Additionally, SCDM raised its public profile with six media organisations covering the content of the event.


For more information download the full case study here.

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