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Exhibiting at a Trade show? 5 Tactics to Stand out of the Crowd


As there is less and less separation between business technology and consumer technology, being able to “touch” emotionally your attendees is key to create brand awareness. Technology is the enabler – it is the customer relationship and the customer experience that matter the most. Creating immersive experiences that will empower the audience is how the exhibition industry will remain relevant and continue to grow.

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Coming out of large exhibitions, the one thing your customers will remember is how they felt when they walked away from your stand– this is why being customer-centric should be your number one priority while planning any activation. That is why, your stand and the way your present yourself should be designed like your own customer-focused event. It is essential to create the right setting where you can engage in personalised one-on-one time with your customers and partners, and connect with them emotionally.


Here are 5 tactics you should use in your strategy when developing your own customer-focused event:

  1. Start building exclusive and personalised content in the months and weeks leading up to the event.
  2. Integrate different technologies to create one seamless experience: beacons, apps, digital signage, RFID (Radio Frequency Identification). This will not only help you connect with your target but also learn from them.
  3. Use the technology to learn what really matters to your attendee which will help you engage:
    • Data Analysis
      Event registration, tracking systems and wearables technology, all allow you to better understand your attendees’ behavior and the value they will bring to your organisation.
    • Predictive Analytics
      You can anticipate your attendees’ needs, create better experiences and strategically invest to have the most impact.
    • Artificial Intelligence
      This is the next big thing and will disrupt many industries (bank, automotive, health, retail…)
  4. Create an interactive and immersive experience to make them “live” your message. Take a look at the EU Pavillon at Expo Milano 2015 , were visitors were plunged into Alex and Sylvia’s story through a multimedia, multi-sensory 20-minute journey, including a short story, a movie with some sensory surprises, touch screen educational content and fun games.
  5. Offer personalised touch points that will make a difference (i.e pre-reserved virtual reality tour guides, relevant sound and language selections, etc…)


For more information, download the full thought leadership paper here.
For more inspiration and ideas, read our clients success stories here.
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