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Living our Dreams!


MCI India celebrated Dream Day on Friday, 1st July, 2016

It was celebrated for talents to realize their dreams and create a path to achieve them. Where MCI was planning a fun filled day for its talents with arcade games, food and drink. But it was not all fun and games only.

A dream day for orphans was planned at Deep Ashram, a home for special needs kids and elderly. This was an initiative taken by MCI India to step forward and also nurture needs and dreams of the underprivileged. Talents donated a part of their earnings to which MCI India contributed an exact amount.Talents from the Mumbai office visited the Salaam Baalak trust, an orphanage and children’s night shelter. Talents engaged with the kids, played games and shared with them their experience of capturing and fulfilling dreams and egged them on to do the same. Talents had packed individual goody bags for these kids that included stationery, chocolates and a fruit drink.

Talents from Bengaluru office invited a yoga instructor to the office for a refreshing take on exercise in office.

A dreamy day ended on a fun and responsible note for talents of MCI India.

Dream Day Delhi Office Picture 2016    Dream Day Mumbai Office Picture 2016   Dream Day Bangalore Office Picture 2016

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