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Are You Ready for the Millennials?


They are the largest generation today with 2.5 billion people worldwide – and they are already attending your professional events. But who is this new generation and most importantly are you using the right tools and tactics to attract them?

Here are some of MCI’s specialist brand, Dorier Group’s tips to help you better understand what they expect from your event and how technology will help you hook them:


Millennials want technology

  • WiFi is a MUST as it makes sharing a more enjoyable experience
  • Enable event integration on social media
  • Use digital signage to energise your communication
  • Set up live streaming to reach a wider audience and show that you embrace technology
  • Provide more online content available 365 days (webinars, re-broadcasts, and online courses) to extend the life circle of your content and keep your audience engaged
  • Create a dedicated event app to keep them in their comfort zone
  • Use gamification to spice up presentations, entertain and stimulate them


Millennials want to be heard

  • Make their voice count with live polling
  • Show flexibility and give them a voice with real-time interaction during presentations
  • Crowdsource on content and meeting design to ensure interactive pre-meeting experience
  • Provide a mean to share your content and promote your event with a dedicated event #hashtag

Millennials want to experience

  • Create stronger connections between participants with wearable LED technology
  • Upgrade peer-to-peer interaction experience
  • Use effective registration solutions to eliminate the obstacle of waiting, especially repellent for Millennials who grew up with things being instantly
  • Trigger senses for a better immersion with multi-sensory events

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Millennials want to be WOW-ed

  • Rethink meeting design (creative stage, shorter presentation, workshops, seating…)
  • Ditch traditional meeting venues for unusual spaces
  • Leverage technology to enhance performance on stage
  • Project impactful videos and visuals to create rhythm


Click here to read the full article and here for a video sample of Dorier’s work.
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