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Developing MICE Professionals in India – One step at a time


Priti Khanna, Chairperson, MCI India is also the Co-Chair of the India Convention Promotion Bureau (ICPB). In this capacity, she helped design a Training Program for Entry Level Management in the MICE industry. The training program was held at The Hans Hotel, New Delhi from 17th – 18th June 2016 and was attended by more than 70 professionals from different industry segments, namely, hotels, state tourism boards, PCOs, DMCs, Convention Venues, tour operators and hospitality institutes.

The program was a deep dive into 4 key areas –

  1. ‘Beyond Vendor Management’ that covered Registration process, Payment Gateway & A  bstract and e-Poster Management.
  2. ‘PCO Hotel Interaction’ covered Associations, Contracts and Site visits
  3. ‘Relevance of Social Media & Mobile App’ that covered mobile applications and their impact, latest offerings, Digital marketing and its importance and case studies
  4. ‘Venue Selection & Space Management’ involved a panel discussion on venue selection, innovative use of space and space management.

The session on ‘PCO Hotel Interaction’ was chaired by Vishal D’Souza, Managing Director, MCI India. He also presented on ‘How to Contract’ from the PCO perspective and on ‘How to prepare for site visits to meet client expectations’. 99% of the attendees rated this session as Excellent to Good. Priti shared details about some new convention venues from across India and participated in the panel discussion on ‘Venue Selection’ that followed.

The program was very well received. All attendees found the training program useful and worth their time out of office and said they would suggest it to a colleague. 98.2% of the attendees rated the overall quality of the training as good to excellent.

This training program was in line with the aims and objectives of ICPB, that is, to encourage growth of professionals in the MICE segment. ICPB plans to have such training programs, seminars and guests lectures by knowledge leaders from the industry at regular intervals.

On-going education is a defining element of MCI’s culture and we strongly believe that training is the key to grooming managers for the future. This was reinforced through MCI’s senior management contributing their time, knowledge and experience to the ICPB Training Program for Entry Level Management.
Developing MICE Professionals_ICPB_12 Sep 2016_3  Developing MICE Professionals_ICPB_12 Sep 2016_1

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