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How to Improve Member Engagement: Insights from Top 5 Associations


In February, MCI in collaboration with FairControl, a Germany based global market research firm, launched the Global Engagement Index (GEI), a useful tool for associations around the world to evaluate their overall engagement with their own members and customers.

The 2016 edition specifically targeted the global community (customers and members based outside of the USA) of associations headquartered in the USA. More than 130,000 non-US members and customers from around the world were consulted in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, Arabic and simplified Chinese.

Data were gathered from fifteen leading associations from different industries and the results provide a valuable benchmark illustrating how the global community perceives associations’ value, performance and engagement efforts.

Here’s what the numbers actually say for the associations that participated in the GEI:

  • Certification and accreditation programs are consistently strong-performing products.

According to the feedback received by higher officials from 5 of the top associations that participated in the GEI, it is essential to put more thought on localizing the certification delivery, as it is viewed as an essential step in building loyalty among members and customers.

  • Steer global efforts more strategically rather than responding to member concerns on a day-to-day basis.

The GEI was a reminder that engagement is a critical part of a product and as such, associations should always look for the opportunity to deepen relationships by focusing more on the user experience and localisation of content.

  • Customers typically have a deeper engagement with an association than members do.

This could be owed to the general negative perception of the concept of membership that exists in some countries. However, higher engagement indications can also be product-specific, as customers feel loyal and are portrayed as willing to support an association for the specific products and tools that are of use to them, not for the entire array of services offered.

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