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Fourteen Years of “Smile Files”


I remember the day I was offered a job at MCI USA (then Coulter) – it was October 18, 2002. I was in the car driving with my husband to the Virginia mountains to celebrate our one-year wedding anniversary. I accepted the job over the phone, and a week later walked into MCI USA’s offices on Spring Hill Road. That was three offices ago, by the way.

So as I prepare to celebrate my fifteenth wedding anniversary – a feat that I’m proud of and also surprised as time does fly when having fun – I can’t help but recall that it is my MCI USA anniversary too. As with most relationships, there have been a lot of changes for my partner and me. I wouldn’t want to be the same person I was fourteen years ago, and I wouldn’t want MCI USA to be either. We all need to evolve and grow. (I know I sound like a self-help book.)

I have a “smile file” in my email. This is an Outlook folder where I save some of my proudest accomplishments and milestones as well as emails from my colleagues that just make me smile. As I prepared to write this blog, I took a trip down the “smile file” memory lane.

I still have the first email that Tom Gibson ever wrote to me. It was a welcome note, and in my response I referred to him as “Mr. Gibson.” He responded quickly, “If you don’t call me Tom we are going to have to take adverse action!” I remember thinking this is off to a good start.

We really are a family at MCI USA. I’ve saved every email to the staff when a new MCI USA baby joins our family. With the recent additions of Baby Bello and Baby Patterson, I’m up to a dozen baby-related emails and photos. I will admit to having looked at them on “bad” days.

One of the things that MCI USA does best is to encourage professional development. So in a January 2009 email, Tom Gibson shared with the staff the exciting news that I earned the distinction of the Certified Association Executive (CAE). And I am pleased now to help mentor the next generation of MCI USA’s CAEs. Good luck to those taking the exam this December… you know who you are.

I’ve also been challenged at MCI USA with new responsibilities and clients. I gained new skills by taking on different responsibilities. I have the February 2015 email that Erin Fuller sent to the staff announcing my new role as MCI USA’s Vice President of Business and Partnership Development. I also still have her email from October 2012 when she congratulated me on my ten-year work-anniversary and said, “Working with Amy is one of my favorite things about working at MCI USA.” The feeling is mutual about Erin and all of my colleagues.

And there are some personal accomplishments that make me smile from my fourteen years at MCI USA. I purchased my first home, became a mother, and just recently moved into my second home.

So there’s much to smile about fourteen years later. Thank you to my MCI USA family for the many years of friendships and love and for continuing to challenge me.

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