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How to become a Game Changer in the Evolving Landscape of Channel Partners? [white paper]


The speed of change in the technology industry in relation to products and services is accelerating, and the distribution needs of partners are also rapidly evolving to keep up.

This brings to mind a number of questions: how is the channel adapting to this change, is the channel still relevant, are the roles changing in the channel and how are vendors and partners managing this change?

To answer those questions, MCI Performance Improvement experts conducted a research through an online survey sent to professionals with channel management responsibility in the Asia-Pacific region.

The results, based on analyses of the responses, have been compiled in the thought leadership paper: Navigating the changing landscape of channel partners in the technology industry [download here]


The paper aims to provide compelling insights into the relationship of channel partners with technology companies doing business in Asia-Pacific. It also shows interesting areas of improvement especially as to the vendor-channel relation as well as in developing models that enable improved information flow to both directions.

Download the white paper to learn more about:

  • Relationship with Channel Partners and the vital role the channel still plays in the technology industry’s path to market
  • Industry Outlook and key initiatives undertaken to cope with industry changes
  • Strategies and tactics to address Commoditization and its impact on business performance
  • Criteria and tools of partner relationship and performance Measurement
  • Impact of partner relationship on the Loyalty and Retention of the end customer
  • Role of Partners and what is expected of them
  • The multiple Communication channels and technologies used for partner engagement

Click here to download the thought leadership paper: Navigating the changing landscape of channel partners in the technology industry
Contact the MCI Performance Improvement experts here to have a conversation and explore how MCI can help address the changing landscape you are facing.

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