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Turning your Event into an Experience [INFOGRAPHIC]


Last month, MCI’s Program Development Manager, Bogdan Manta explored the psychology behind living an event experience.

In the context of an event, an experience is the result of activating an audience, through involvement, resulting in full engagement or behavioural change. And by activating and engaging we mean:

Engagement: Someone is actively processing your message with both the ‘head and the heart’
Activation: Giving someone the tools and opportunity to act upon the message.

So how do we realise that in practice? Very simply put, by focusing on triggering emotions.

Triggering emotions during an event will result into engaging with the audience, and the engagement is what transforms the event into an experience. On a psychological level -as a result of the concrete experience- we start reflecting (reflective observation), then we start thinking about the new information (abstract conceptualisation) which then results in applying or changing our behaviour towards it (active experimentation). Thus, in order to elevate the participants to the active experimentation, it all starts with submerging them into an experience, achieving engagement through triggering the right emotions.

Take a look at the below infographic to understand which elements you need to combine in order to create the ultimate interactive experience:

turning event into experience_final

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Contact us here to find out how we can help you engage and activate your audiences.

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