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From Destination Management to Digital Delivery


A Canadian technology company were planning to hold their annual partner event in London and got in touch with MCI UK for some Destination Management services.

Hi MCI, can you organise a trip to the Cotswolds, a trip to Stonehenge, a dinner-cruise up the Thames and a tour of London in one of your vintage red buses? About 250 people?

(scribbling sounds) “ … vintage. red. bus. … Got it. Sure, leave it with us.

A few weeks later …

Hi MCI, loving all the proposals and the bus really is a lovely shade of red. BTW, do you also do tri-currency, exchange-rate-linked, multi-work-flow delegate registration, sponsor management, badging, session scanning, lead retrieval, real-time audience polling and an event app that encourages networking alongside maps, agendas, speaker bios etc

Of course!  Let me put you in touch with our Digital Services department.

And we were off and running.  A meeting with our Digital team was set up and the ball was rolling.

Registration proved interesting with numerous custom features such as flexible discounting, vouchers to be used only once

.. or many times

.. or a fixed number of times

and prices in 3 currencies had to be kept in line with post-Brexit exchange rates. Additionally, exhibitors could order and pay for their stand-features and register their staff.

sotiAppsThe app was embraced by the delegates who built their agendas, looked up speakers and messaged each other privately – we don’t know, or want to know, the message contents!! During the event the app took on a life of its own with pictures being posted and commented on like a private Twitter stream.

Onsite we scanned delegates’ barcoded badges for session and attendance reporting while exhibitors did the same on their stands for lead retrieval.

We delivered it all, alongside numerous non-digital services including a visit from the Queen and Mr Bean (not the real ones).

Of course this is our job, that’s we do for all our clients but not usually after a casual question off the back of organising a trip to Stonehenge.

Oh, and regrettably, the lovely red buses were never used.

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