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Interview: Barbara Martins-Nio on Sports Cities, Trends & Challenges in the Sports Event Industry


Meetings International Magazine features an in-depth interview with MCI’s Global Sports Business Unit Director, Barbara Martins-Nio to discuss her thoughts on how sports can play a key role in attracting visitors to cities, in addition to MCI’s involvement in major athletic events throughout the world. She has also offered her thoughts on the current trends and challenges within the sports events industry and its importance for the company’s unique brand value proposition of creating communities:

Major international sports events bring together millions of people, regardless of their colour, gender, sexual orientation, age, nationality or religion, and have thus the potential to play an important role in creating an inclusive society. They are an ideal platform to harness the power of a community by bringing people together working towards common goals.”

Barbara Martins-Nio describes 2016 as “A very positive year for the MCI Sports Business Unit that marks MCI’s “take-off phase” in the sports industry, and looks forward to future challenges in a fast-changing sector.

“Sometimes, in order to be a successful sports city, what matters most isn’t the size of the event, but rather hosting the right event with the right partners and offering that little extra bit of soul to the destination.”


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For more information about our work on sports events have a look at our success stories here or get in touch with us here

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