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Building Stronger Relationships Through Team-Building Activities


A core element of an impactful event and association management strategy, is to foster the importance of building strong relationships between association members and meeting attendees. In order to achieve that, most event professionals are spending quite some time during their planning for finding a suitable solution based on client needs and their target audience profile.

Here are some out-of-the-box team-building suggestions that are worth exploring:

  • Give back to the community

Same team members are expected to forge stronger relations when working together or participating to a team-building exercise. This feeling can be further amplified when they are working together on a project that aims to give back to the community: spending a day with elderly people in a nursing home or participating in a fund-raising athletics/running event, are just a couple of examples that could not only increase the feeling of comradery among participants, but also works towards increasing and improving the association’s public profile.

  • Get them to the kitchen!

Throughout the world, people are getting together and come closer with each other when food and drinks are involved. With this in mind, another great team-building activity would be to invite your association members or congress attendees to a cook-off! Working in different teams consisted of people with different backgrounds and dietary habits while exploring the numerous ways of creating a mouth-watering dish using the same set of materials can be quite challenging, but also promotes collaboration, leadership and creativity –particularly if a prize is on the line!

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  • Escape

The concept of ‘escape rooms’ has been around for quite some time: small groups of people are requested to solve a series of riddles/puzzles for finding the physical key that will allow them to ‘escape’ from a theme-based room. Communication is key in this case and if you add a pinch of competitiveness, this suggestion can provide to be the ideal team-building activity for your staff or attendees, especially since there are so many different options and escape scenarios to choose from. This helps in choosing a suitable setting that fits better with the association’s profile.


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