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3 Tips to Increase Media Awareness for Your Next Convention


Usually association conventions and congresses do not generate as big media draw as big corporate events. Due to the nature of this type of events, media coverage is expected to be limited to a specific type of journalists and media influencers who are interested in covering association news.

However, this does not restrict the potentials of getting substantial media exposure for the congress and the association itself and it is up to the public relations teams to make this happen by satisfying key press needs: booking interviews with keynote speakers, circulating press kits or keeping the media hype alive through social media interaction or email follow-ups. Building and strengthening association media relations offers the chance for more audience engagement and a potential increase to the association’s member base.

Here are 3 ways to attract more journalists to cover your next congress or convention‘s proceedings by facilitating their needs during their attendance:

Group of business people attending press conference or presentation.

  • Easy access to high-speed Internet

Reporters need stable and fast online access not only for checking their emails regularly but most importantly for getting the news out as fast as possible through their social media pages. To that extent, there are numerous media outlets which chose to use live broadcasting or simulcast platforms to cover the congress making the importance of having a secure and fast Internet access available for all members of the press a prerequisite.

  • Designated areas for interviews 

In large scale conventions it is important to make good use of the surroundings for press related activities as there is always a danger of interrupting the programming. Outlets using broadcasting equipment (cameras, microphones, etc.) need to have access to places where they can set-up their equipment for covering the proceedings in the best way possible.

  • Food & beverages

It may seem as a no-brainer but sometimes this vital aspect of organising a successful convention or congress is overlooked. In cases where your audience (including the members of the press) needs to move around to different locations for attending speeches, the time for a quick bite or to get some water or coffee is often limited. Ensure that the designated press areas include food and drinks for your journalists, for them to feel more energised and willing to get the message out about your convention even during break sessions.


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