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Image of the Week: IHF 2017 World Handball Championship Final


The 25th IHF 2017 World Handball Championship was concluded on Sunday the 29th of January and the French team managed to win the gold medal in a very tight match against the national team of Norway. This is the second time that the French team wins every single game on its way to the final with the first being dated back to 2001 when France hosted the 17th IHF World Championship; Fun fact: the final also took place in Paris.


“Phenomenal Handball” has not only been this year’s championship tagline, but also represents the promise of the Organising Committee towards the fans, the players, the officials, the sponsors, the guests, and the media for delivering the best competition to date. Judging by the stakeholders’ on-site reactions and overall positive feedback across all communication channels, they truly delivered!

The desire of combining the principles of popular entertainment, sports competition at the highest level and organisational excellence, has been the driving force behind the development and implementation of the concept of “Phenomenal Handball”. With the Organising Committee and the 6th world title of “Les Experts”, “Phenomenal Handball” has celebrated and promoted handball in a way that has definitely acquired its acclaim!

MCI had the pleasure to contribute to this year’s phenomenal and unparalleled experience of intensity by managing accommodation, and we look forward to raising the bar in similar sports instances in the future.


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