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Interview: Going Beyond Event Organising by Creating Communities


Cathie Cusin, Vice President of Meetings & Events, and Jodie Torriani, Head of Global Hotel Procurement of MCI Group offered their valuable insights about the vision of the industry from the MCI perspective in an interview hosted at the NH Hotel Group blog.

Here are some of the key points raised:

  • As an international company with clients around the world, in what geographical area do you see more growth and dynamism in the events industry? Is there a geographical area with less or negative growth?

Overall, 2016 was a strong year for the meetings industry. We predict that the industry will continue to realize long-term global growth rate of about 10% per annum, which is faster than most industries. As businesses and organizations become more global in scope, meetings, events and conventions are fundamental elements of the overall marketing mix to boost organizational growth and build engagement with key customer and stakeholder groups.

  • What does MCI value when it comes to choosing a venue for its clients?

The primary value driver for MCI is to provide clients with the right location, at the right price and the right contractual conditions in order to help the client achieve their business objectives. We leverage global sourcing hubs for our venue sourcing in order to standardize the sourcing of venues through the implementation of group wide best practice control. At MCI, we are able to generate value for our clients through venue comparison and negotiations, but more importantly through volume consolidation, which leads to significant savings and efficiencies. MCI helps clients understand their overall spend and guides them in the making of ongoing improvements.

  • What industrial sector do you think will increase its budget as relates to the organization of events in the coming years?

It is hard to predict any specific sector, as we are seeing most sectors are needing to adapt and to better engage their key communities. Any industry that will be able to activate hybrid events that merge virtual and face-to-face meetings will increase meeting spend as it offers a cost effective way to increase engagement. Events in the future will be focused around building communities that are sustainable 24/7 and 365 days a year. This means providing the bridge from online to offline and back to online in order to keep community members engaged throughout the year. As we like to say, “it’s not about who attends, it’s about who engages”. Our strap line since 2003 has been “Building Community” and we believe we are leading the industry with a clear vision on how to help businesses and organizations build active communities for the future.

Read the full interview here

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