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Leadership Resolutions for a Successful 2017

Leadership Resolutions

The champagne bottles are in the recycling bin and many resolutions are well on their way to being broken as we begin 2017. I admit, waking up my middle-schooler on-time and working out each day hasn’t quite had the perfect streak I had hoped for.

For many of the associations we serve, January is the beginning of a new leadership year as well – the time when new board members take their seats at the table, and officers become oriented to their new positions. As someone who has the privilege to attend a number of client board meetings each year – and also as a proud volunteer board member for several organizations – here are a few leadership resolutions that may have more staying power than my allegiance to my elliptical.

Get Oriented: MCI USA has a number of great tools to help orient new board members and provide refresher information to more tenured leaders. From the legal and fiduciary responsibilities, to how to promote your volunteer role on social media, to research on best practices on board norms and goals, we have it. Each of our client leaders – executive directors or CEO’s – has access to this information and helps develop these annual tools.

Review Your Insurance: A few years ago, as I updated my personal umbrella policy, I realized that the number of boards I served on increased my exposure, and caused me to review my personal coverage and liability. Each of our client associations maintains Directors and Officers (D&O) coverage, but there could still be some out of pocket exposure if a claim is filed. MCI USA’s Senior Vice President of Operations, Michele Jerome , CAE, has a number of resources on this topic and is happy to discuss any questions one on one as needed.

Set Goals for ROI on Your Leadership Experience: As leaders of nonprofit organizations, you often experience demands on your time, talent and treasure – but there should be some rewards from your commitment and effort. Do you want to deepen a skill-set your “day job” doesn’t offer – such as fundraising, research or strategic planning? Make sure you position your volunteer role through participation in board meetings, committee assignments and special projects to allow you to leave your role not only feeling like you have truly given back to your industry, profession or cause, but that your own development has been advanced as well.

At MCI USA, we returned from the holidays feeling energized and jumped right back into the business – and busyness – of planning events, developing strategy and serving members. We appreciate the volunteer leaders that serve as stewards to our client partners, and look forward to a successful 2017.

Erin Fuller serves as the president of MCI USA’s association solutions. Although she isn’t 100% on her exercise goal, she has already read two books that have been on her Kindle for far too long.

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