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One Simple Tool to Keep Your Event Organized

RACI Chart in Event Management

A big challenge in event management is managing the team behind the scenes. It is critical to form a way to work together, efficiently, towards the mutual goal of a successful event. With so many different moving parts, it’s very important to have instructions for each team member to follow and responsibilities that they are in charge of completing.

We have ensured that each member of our team is on the same page and knows their responsibilities is by using a RACI chart. A RACI chart, in detail, describes each member’s individual tasks along with those who are assigned to oversee and consult on the deliverables.

  • Responsibility – This person  is expected to do the work.
  • Accountability – This person is responsible for making sure there are results and approving the work.
  • Consultation – This person/people have the authority to make decisions in the process.
  • Inform – These people are affected by the task so they have to be informed of progress, decisions, and completion.

Using a RACI chart provides transparency and allows every team member to be aware of their responsibilities. This helps to stop details, tasks, or projects from getting missed or forgotten. When planning an event, you are working between many different departments. With many “cooks in the kitchen,” it is easy for smaller tasks to get dropped. With the implementation of a RACI chart, the team is better equipped to handle all tasks, large and small, and to know what each person or department is responsible for completing to have a successful event.

The Incentive Research Foundation (IRF) is a fairly new client, and MCI USA first executed its annual conference in summer of 2016. With any new client there comes the challenges of learning and implementing historical knowledge for their event while pushing them to exceed their goals.

The IRF’s large annual conference includes a day filled with education sessions, a golf tournament, multiple offsite tours and activities, and both a live and silent auction. There are multiple parts and pieces to the conference, and numerous deliverables leading up to the event, from logistics planning, to print pieces, to digital assets and communications. To make things more complex, these deliverables are typically split among multiple departments within MCI USA – Events, Sponsorship, Marketing, Graphics and Operations.

The President of IRF suggested that the team use a RACI chart to help streamline the project management process in 2017. The event manager for the conference took the lead in developing a detailed chart that spelled out each and every deliverable that needed to be accomplished in the 9-10 months leading up to the conference, and clearly defined each staff members’ responsibilities and involvement in each deliverable. Deadlines were also charted out within the RACI document, so all team members had a clear understanding of timelines for each project and could schedule their other tasks accordingly.

As of today, the conference is still 6 months away, but the event is already off an amazing start, and staff feel confident in their roles and expectations.

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