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Attracting Millennials With Experiential Events


Understanding attendee profiles and how they behave is vital to any organisation. Attracting millennials or different age groups to any type of event plays a key role in its success, but also comes with several challenges. Ways of engaging with millennials for example, are quite different from the ways of getting Generation X or Baby-boomers involved. The learning formats and expected event outcomes vary from one generation to another. Talking about a generation gap!

Representing 2.5 billion people worldwide, millennials are the largest generation group today – and they are already attending your events! But are you using the right tools and tactics to attract and keep them engaged? If you are a fan of consistency and would prefer for things to stay the same, well, it’s time to start thinking differently for your organisation’s future. If we could identify in simple terms what the millennial generation expects is continuous change and innovation!

Here are some considerations to better understand how to leverage technology for hooking millennials:

Millennials eat, sleep & breathe technology

  • WiFi is a MUST as it makes content sharing a more enjoyable experience
  • Consider setting-up live streaming to reach a wider younger audience
  • Use a mobile-friendly website with fully integrated social media channels

Millennials want to EXPERIENCE

  • Upgrade peer-to-peer interaction experience
  • Trigger senses for a better immersion with multi-sensory events
  • Consider incorporating wearable LED technology for creating stronger connections with your audience

Business people during meeting in modern office using tablet computer for data and stock market analytics, icons and graph on virtual screen interface

Millennials want to be heard

  • Show them that their opinion counts with live polling
  • Use a dedicated event #hashtag and market this well before the event takes place
  • Be flexible by allowing real-time interaction during presentations

Millennials want to be WOW-ed

  • Dedicate a considerable amount of time to your event design (creative stage, shorter presentations, workshops, etc.)
  • Think ‘outside-of-the-box’ when choosing an event venue
  • Consider projecting impactful videos and use sound effects to create rhythm

Get more valuable insights on how to create immersive experiences, leverage event technologies and engage your audiences here.

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