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Event Planners vs Audience’s Attention


MCI’s ‎COO for Asia-Pacific and PCMA Board Member Oscar Cerezales, shares his thoughts on the key areas that event planners need to focus on for capturing their audiences’ attention.

There was a time where events were filled with passive audiences. Fingers crossed, this will be a valid and real quote in 2025. Today the (sad) reality is that the majority are just OK. Maybe good. But not remarkable… What can event professionals do to change this and keep the audiences engaged and energized throughout the event’s course? Here are some highlights:

  • Different Focus

Grabbing the audience’s attention is easy. The hard part is to keep it!

  • Forget millennials

Contrary to popular belief, millennials and different age-groups like ‘baby boomers’ or ‘generation X’ should not be evaluated as your preferred audience category whom you need to attract for capturing their attention. They all have shorter and shorter attention span. Instead try to think of ways of grabbing and keeping the attention of cohesive (interests) groups before, during and after your event.

  • Technology is not always the solution

Not always. Actually not at all. Technology is just an enabler and event design is the key. A poorly designed event that incorporates fantastic tech goes nowhere. On the contrary, great event design and mainstream tech has more chances to be evaluated as excellent.

***NOTE TO INSPECTOR: All visible graphics are our own design, and were produced for this particular shoot.***

  • Choosing the right environment 

Try to develop the right layouts (again through event designing), play with new formats: controversies, virtual to physical, super short presentations, etc. Be sure to invest time (and resources if needed) for the creation of substantial content and bring the best facilitators (more important best speakers) with you.

  • The rule of 3 Ts

Target, target, target. Grabbing and keeping attention is easier if you have cohesive audiences.

  • Awesome Production

It’s all about communication. Live content and experience. Pay a lot of attention to your audiovisual equipment, technical direction and show production.

Read the full article here and gain more valuable insights on how to create better networking opportunities and  immersive experiences & technologies for your audiences.


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