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Getting the Most Out of Your Event Attendance


Event specialists work tirelessly to ensure that their event delivers on its key objectives. They spent a considerable amount of time in crafting the schedule in a way that not even a single second goes to waste. Apart from developing a finely-tuned schedule, they are also dealing with the demanding task of attracting the right audience for getting the most out of their event attendance.

Easier said than done

A large percentage of event professionals around the world agree that the hardest task they are facing is retaining the audience’s attention for the entire event’s duration. No matter how well-crafted or exciting the event program may be, early departure is often unavoidable. This results in attendees missing important content and information.

Optimising attendees’ time by making every second count

Encouraging attendees to stay till the very end is deemed a challenging task. As it turns out, there is no single solution to combat this challenge. Rather a combination of factors which can be deployed to minimise its occurrence:

  • Try keeping the program short and sweet rather than attempting to squeeze everything in;
  • Take into account attendees’ work schedules and try to facilitate them in fulfilling their professional obligations;
  • Conversations are more valuable than sessions. Be sure to allow adequate time for connections and networking opportunities on-site;
  • Choose a venue that is easily accessible with all modes of transport, allocating enough time for travel to and from the location;
  • Incentivise attendees with a prize draw at the end of the event, whereby winners are required to be on-site to claim prizes;
  • Announce highly anticipated information at the end of the event. Leave subtle hints throughout the day to build up excitement;
  • Save the best must-see keynote speakers until the final sessions as this will entice attendees to stay until the end. This is especially effective when the speaker is well-known and respected.

People in the theater. Side view. Dark tone. Focus on clapping hands.

Accepting the reality

It is crucial to remember that people who are attending to meetings and events do so for various reasons. Sometimes retaining them till the very is not as easy as it seems.

At MCI we understand how challenging this can be. Our 30 year experience in the industry has provided us with unique capabilities in designing and delivering inspiring meetings and events. From launching new products to building brand loyalty and reaching new markets, our live experiences can help you reach your business objectives and engage and activate your audiences.


Contact us here to find out how we can help you.

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