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The Importance of Stage Design


Usually the event’s programme, choice of speakers and topics for discussion are in the attendees’ center of attention rather than the stage itself.  The importance of stage design has been overlooked both by attendees and event professionals however in recent times, stage design has become a critical success factor.

Going beyond the simple platform

The stage is no longer just considered as a podium for speakers to stand and deliver their message, within a specific time frame. It is a ‘tool’ designed especially for setting the right mood and provides the perfect platform for reinforcing your intended message.

Event specialists have realised the potential for the stage itself to become a true storyteller. It has the power to convey messages of strength, innovation, energy, mystery, consistency, warmth, team values, and excitement. Having a visually appealing stage will ensure that audiences’ sight senses are activated. The realisation here is that when audiences are left marveling at what is in front of them, it immediately determines what they are feeling. The anatomy behind this is that at this very moment, the brain is highly activated using 30% of its neurons to process the visual elements. In other words, they are in a state of awe!

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What you see is what you remember

Further, more than just activated senses, evoked neurons and setting the right mood, the stage design can also inspire the imagination by:

  • Playing with the overall look using visual arts and movements to keep the attention of the audience;
  • The use of non-traditional shapes so that it fosters interaction, increases audience engagement;
  • Using flat and multiple screen display technologies to ensure that the audience’s viewing is maximised;
  • Layered lighting for the enhancement of special effects;
  • Incorporating branding at various locations or points throughout the venue;
  • Placing comfy furniture that leads to higher audience involvement with the event setting.

From concept to reality

The MCI brand, Dorier, is the leading provider of creative production services and audio-visual solutions. Through a complete range of integrated technical production services worldwide, we can turn your event, congress or conference into an unforgettable experience. We continue to deliver superior creative design and help our clients maximise the impact of their message.


Contact us here to find out how we can help you engage and activate your audiences.

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