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Think you know London? Think again!


If you have never been to London, you would still think you know it. You’ve seen the pictures, read the history books and seen the news on TV. If you have been to London, then you would really think you know it, you’ve walked the streets, taken the tube and seen the sights, right.

Well……it’s time to think again!

London is everything you think it is, but it is also so much more.

I think I know London. I manage events for groups in the city, but I am constantly discovering new experiences and opportunities to offer our clients. New activities, new tours, new restaurants, new venues and new ways to use the old venues!

London is the Capital……of Fashion, of Art, of History, of Culture, of Architecture, of Sport, of Commerce, of Events.london1

Don’t just meet in a hotel, go underground in hidden bunkers!

Don’t just talk about your product, build a fashion show around it!

Don’t just create a sign, beam your brand onto an iconic building!

Don’t just have dinner, let a Celebrity Chef cook it in front of you!

Don’t just go to a gallery, create your own masterpiece with the Artist!

Don’t just watch the match, be part of the winning team!

Don’t just see a theatre show, tell your own story!

Don’t just take a bus tour, go by….well, come and see for yourself!

London can give your delegates the experiences they never imagined and the memories they will never forget.

The opportunities are waiting to be discovered for groups of all sizes.

Think you know London? Think again!

Come to London and let us show you what you are missing…..

Contact Ian Lapworth at +44 (1) 730 821969, or email


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