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The Journey Towards A Zero Footprint Event: Danish Maritime Forum 2016


From 26-27 October 2016, key leaders representing all parts of the global maritime value chain gathered in Copenhagen for the third Danish Maritime Forum. As fundamental shifts in the economy and technological advances transform the industry at an unprecedented pace, one important objective throughout the event was to address how businesses can use more sustainable approaches in order to achieve long-lasting success while championing sustainable development.

In line with this objective, Danish Maritime Days partnered with MCI’s sustainability experts to design and integrate a strategy on responsible event production in order to align conference ambitions while reflecting its commitment towards sustainability. Using the ISO 20121 Event Sustainability Standard, Sustainable Event Policy and Supplier Code of Conduct, MCI’s goal was to:

  • Showcase the forum’s environmental commitment to all stakeholders
  • Ensure that the conference reached its sustainability objectives
  • Coordinate with suppliers to identify solutions that increased sustainability performance

The Power of Collaboration

To achieve these goals, MCI gathered all partners and suppliers in workshops and various meetings to co-create the event sustainability strategy and to sign on to the new DMF Sustainable Event Policy. The efforts resulted in a new high score on the MeetGreen® event auditing system, while the ambitious goal of a “Zero Waste” event achieved the following:

  • 0.5% of residual waste going to landfill
  • 90% of production materials used were rented, reused or donated
  • 96% of all carpet was reused with the remaining 4% recycled
  • 100% of seafood was locally and sustainably sourced – a 20% increase from DMF 2015
  • 60% of food served was certified organic and 60% of the menu was vegetarian – a 35% increase from DMF 2015

MCI also helped the Danish Maritime Forum to compensate for all international and local carbon emissions related to the eventresulting in a net zero” carbon neutral event. All emissions created by the event will be offset by investing into a hydropower project certified by the United Nations that has been contributing to lower the carbon intensity of Southern India’s grid, resulting in an annual emissions reduction of 50,000 tons of CO2.

Guy Bigwood, MCI Group Sustainability Director and lead project consultant commented: “It has been a wonderfully rewarding journey to see the exceptional progress made by the DMF team towards building more responsible, impactful and engaging events. Their achievements in meeting design and sustainability prove that smaller events can use sustainability as a driver of business advantage, improved results and lower costs.


To learn more about the Danish Maritime Forum, contact:

To discover how we can design a sustainable event that elevates your organisation, please contact us here and take a look at our success stories.

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