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Combating the “Lows” After a Successful Event

Combating the Lows of an event, Amy Lotz

I’ve heard of the “runner’s high,” and I have to admit I run and I’ve never experienced it. But I am quite familiar with another high – and no – not that type of high. I call it the “event high.” I bet my MCI USA colleagues know what I’m talking about. It is that adrenaline rush that you feel during an in-person event for a client.

The Healthcare Convention & Exhibitors Association (HCEA) recently met for their annual one-day marketing summit. There’s nothing like the face to face time with volunteers, members and sponsors to re-energize everyone’s commitment to success for an association. The staff spends so much time preparing for the event with content development, marketing, event logistics and sponsor outreach that to see it all come together is that rare opportunity to realize your months of hard work pays off.

But as there always is with a “high” there is an eventual “low.” How do you combat that?

  1. Make action items during the event: I like to keep a notepad with me so as I have conversations with members about getting more engaged in the association, I can make a note to follow-up soon after. It keeps both me and the potential volunteer focused on our commitment to the association. I have found that a member is much more likely to follow-through on volunteering to write a newsletter article, post on social media, or introduce you to a prospective sponsor, if there is the immediate outreach.
  2. Engage with people who weren’t there: There are always a few key leaders or net promoters who can’t make the event. Give them a call and let them know all that happened and what they missed. Hopefully they will never miss it again. And everyone loves the hearing the fun stories from a conference.
  3. Include new people: When there is an opportunity – and for HCEA there was because the event was held locally – bring someone new. We had a recent new team member join us and although she won’t be focused on HCEA, it was wonderful having her energy and fresh ideas to walk away with.
  4. Give yourself a break: I have to admit that after the Summit, I was ready for some quiet time and started to crash from the adrenaline rush. By not feeling the immediate urge to get right back to work with all of the post-board meeting action items, I was able to reflect and prioritize so that I could feel excited again about all the work that needs to be done.

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