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Corporate Social Responsibility: Providing Support in Difficult Times


Our commitment to responsible business has made us a purpose-driven organisation with a strong focus on sustainability and giving back to communities around the world. Being proactively involved in creating a sustainable planet, fair society and growing economy is an integral part of the MCI mission and for this we are always ready to provide support in times of need.

Earlier in March, two devastating fires stroke São Paulo’s second largest favela, Paraisópolis, and almost 100,000 people were tragically left without any shelter, as their homes and belongings were completely destroyed.

Driven by our values and dedication towards contributing to the greater good, the MCI Brazil CSR team gathered its forces and made almost 700 donations within just a few days for easing the pain of those affected. Talents from the three MCI offices in the country (Porto Alegre, Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo) collected home and food supplies, as well as other essential commodities for those in need and offered the donations to the CUFA (Central Unica das Favelas); the local organisation supporting favelas.

In difficult times like these, it is important to act fast and remind ourselves and our partners around the world that we are more than just a company – certainly not a stand-alone organisation. We are all part of a constantly evolving dynamic ecosystem, where great results can be achieved through extensive collaboration. There is a ripple effect in each and every act of unity and solidarity and with this in mind we will continue to act as a catalyst in helping communities and in creating strong and memorable experiences through our work.

At MCI we take great pride of our local teams’ CSR initiatives. Just like our colleagues in Brazil, all talents from our 60 offices around the world are committed to promoting our core values and keep helping those in need. For this reason we have also developed the MCI Dreambuilders program that boasts with the overwhelming participation of our people. This global initiative is considered another strong indication of MCI’s capabilities in harnessing the unique power of communities.

Learn more about our international CSR projects here.

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