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Endorsing Strong Relationships with Association Customers & Members

Global Engagement Index

Has the world of associations entered a border-less stage, where there are no limitations to the communities they can approach?

The answer is yes.

But, as there two sides to every story, the wave towards building relationships with international audiences can indeed generate outstanding results on awareness, trust and leads, however it harbors a great challenge: to keep them engaged and committed to the core value proposition.

A few months ago, MCI in collaboration with FairControl, a global market research firm based in Germany, launched the 2016 edition of the Global Engagement Index; an index that aims at collecting statistically significant data on the key issues of engagement tactics and their impact, allowing associations to translate this knowledge into what customers and members around the world value.

Collecting data from over 9,000 respondents worldwide, these are GEI’s key insights, based on the relationship between global audiences and associations located in the US:

  • Certification and accreditation programs are highly valuable when interacting with international audiences, as they allow associations to estimate their performance and increase acknowledgment.
  • There is a strong need to bring all pieces of operations together (sales, marketing, strategic thinking, etc.) for creating a unique experience that will convert the passive audiences to strong supporters and promoters.
  • Relationships with customers should be highly valued, as they can potentially show greater engagement to associations than the members.
  • Associations should make a continuous effort to strengthen their bonds with local societies, as they can communicate the value proposition more effectively.

Overall, the idea behind GEI stems from MCI’s dedication to offering solutions that boost engagement and create strong connections between the involved parties. In a nutshell, its main goal is to help associations realise that forging strong relationships with global communities can have staggering results on their engagement tactics and ultimately, to their value proposition.

Read the full article on Association Forum magazine or access the full report and infographics on the MCI Association website.

A domestic edition of the GEI will be launched for the US in the coming months (AEI), whereas the second edition of the GEI will occur in January 2018. If your association would like to join the Index please contact Peter Turner or visit the website here.

Our association experts can help you solve your challenges and unlock opportunities. Visit us here.

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