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Event Technology & Different Age Groups: Attracting Millennials


Millennials, generation X, baby boomers…A lot has been said and written about the generational breakdown and how certain age groups are influencing different industries more than others. As technically these terms refer to people of the same age, there is a lively discussion on whether labeling an entire generation as one homogeneous group identifies the main differences, especially in regards to technology.

What sets millennials apart from other age groups – and subsequently different target audiences – in our industry, is the way they seek and absorb information. Other age groups have shown interest and are successfully interacting with the available digital tools of today, however millennials are known to be more closely linked to technology. They are always looking for more personalised, more interactive user experience with better and faster connections.

If businesses are looking to increase their engagement with this tech-savvy generation, it is important to make digitalisation a core part of their strategy. By doing so, they are able to identify easier the most suitable channels that can help securing their attention.

For the M.I.C.E industry, the shift towards digitalisation is not only effective for event production, it is also necessary for attracting, activating and engaging with more millennials. Keeping the following tips in mind, will also make it easier:

  • Create a dynamic and educational environment

It is widely accepted that event attendees are beginning to question the traditional one-way speaker lecture format. Adding the element of vivid audience participation to your event design process that integrates education at every turn with more interactive options – such as live polls, audience participation apps, etc., – will increase the value for young participants. Keep in mind that they are constantly seeking new ways to join in casual and spontaneous conversations where their voices are heard.

  • Make them part of content creation

Millennials have developed a set of skills around social media and online content that event professionals should not overlook. As these young minds want to feel like their opinion is respected, event planners can utilise their expertise by allowing them to co-create event content and experiences, by involving them for example in social media campaigns, or the production of pre and post-event content, etc.

  • Form Special Interest Groups

Creating special interest groups – simply put, smaller gatherings of young professionals who really identify with a niche topic – is a great way of encouraging engagement and networking in a more personal and relaxed atmosphere.

  • Add hybrid elements with exclusive virtual content

As the nature of events has shifted from solely face-to-face to hybrid and virtual, adding this element to your event can make a true difference. Sharing content – and consequently experiences – make sure you offer them enough high quality visuals to increase their participation in sharing.


You can always visit our website to get more valuable insights on how to create immersive experiences, leverage event technologies and engage with your audiences here.

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