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Going Virtual? 3 Tips to Help Build Trust & Increase Engagement


If trust is evaluated as a critical strategic asset for businesses, then the need for understanding how to build trust in a fast-paced digital world should be placed right on top of the event professional’s ‘to-do’ list. In times where the nature of events has evolved from purely face-to-face to virtual and hybrid, trust rises as one of the strongest indicators of success.

From thorough planning and rehearsing to strengthening post-event relationships through digital marketing tools, event professionals go through numerous key points for delivering unique and successful meetings and events. Despite the size or the type, these key points are expected to be treated equally carefully.

Let’s take virtual events, for example. This type of event is anchored by one element: the lack of physical presence. This urges industry professionals to keep looking for new and impactful ways to engage with attendees, as this helps the chances of  creating a trusting – and consequently fruitful – dynamic. Albeit not an easy task, building trust amongst attendees and creating a level of comfort that encourages social or personal interaction prior, during or after, are immensely important for successful virtual meetings.

Keep the following 3 tips in mind and add to your trust-building efforts:

  • Lead by example

Your online attendees will mimic what you do, so you need to make sure you are adding a welcoming and personal feel to your virtual event. Keeping the interaction between members alive leads to the development of stronger relationships, especially if you encourage them to maintain and enhance the frequency of communication.

  • Welcome feedback and reviews

As virtual events lack the element of physical presence, the challenge here is to make your audience members feel comfortable and acknowledge that their opinions matter. Since they are not able to see the speakers, observe the stage or visual elements and interact face to face, it is vital to help initiate an open two-way communication that facilitates online interaction.

  • Offer social proof

In today’s digital world, providing social proof is a powerful way for a brand to build trust. Not only does it help creating a much-needed feeling of transparency, it also allows participants to extract trust from former participants and use their experience as a motive for further engagement and interaction.


During the times of constant change, making use of digital capabilities is essential in creating trust among online participants and getting great results from virtual events. Visit here to find out how we can help you engage and activate your audiences through face-to-face, virtual or hybrid experiences.

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