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Artificial Intelligence and Event Engagement

artificial intelligence in the events industry

Events should no longer be simply considered as a set agenda of sessions, a standardised line-up of speakers or a framed networking arena. As innovative technology is being constantly applied into making our experiences more personalised to fit our special needs and interests, it is safe to state that the event industry itself is being transformed.

Digitalization has gained substantial ground within our industry, leading to imposing changes. As we tap into Artificial Intelligence (AI) – a very broad definition of this concept would be: a machine’s capability to imitate a form of human behavior – we see that adapting to the attendee’s mindset for delivering tailor-made services is actually happening in a quite revolutionary manner.

  • Enhancing personalisation

Having already entered the sphere of meetings and events, AI can be used to elevate the quality of services provided and offer heightened customised experiences. Computer software and ‘smart’ technical equipment can further facilitate intelligent communication with attendees and interact directly with them through a series of apps.

This type of intelligent software is more or less acting as a ‘personal assistant’, as it automatically gathers information and communicates messages relating to the event, such as the agenda or logistical information, or provides answers to questions about sessions, speakers, exhibitors, etc. By learning the audience’s preferences, anticipating their needs and providing real-time assistance, this technology maximizes the value for your attendees with greater engagement during and higher level of satisfaction after the event.

  • Analysing human behavior

Another benefit stemming from AI’s implementation, is sentiment prediction. Also referred to as opinion mining, analysis of the sentiment helps event professionals to determine how the audience feels about the overall experience, what exactly they like or dislike, as well as what they are expecting from future events. The analysis is based mainly on web comments, online conversations and interactions on social media and it can automatically provide with valuable information to consider in order to create unique event experiences.

To sum up, AI is a powerful tool that opens the door to a whole new level of engagement and personalisation. Event professionals are now able to optimise the experience of attendees and gain invaluable insights on their behavior, needs and expectations, leading them to deliver even more than what was initially promised to their audience.

At MCI, we harness the power of digital tools in order to help companies and associations activate and engage their target audiences. Visit our website to get more valuable insights on how to create immersive experiences, leverage event technologies and engage with your audiences here.

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