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How Big Data is Driving Conference Success

Big Data in conference management

There are two key factors that contribute to the success of a conference. On one hand, we have attendee satisfaction, and on the other, the need to ensure the best possible Return on Investment (ROI).

The integration of technology to attendee-centric conference management, creates unique and impactful experiences in revolutionary new ways. The immersion of big data in our industry is a true catalyst for success and – if used properly – can lead to more accurate and faster ROI measurement in addition to greater delegate engagement.

Access to extensive data sets that can reveal patterns and trends, especially relating to human behaviour and interactions, is a powerful tool for event professionals and can add substantial value to their offered conference management services.

Here are three ways that can drive your next conference to success when using big data:

  • Targeting your ideal audiences

No matter the conference type, whether it is physical, virtual or hybrid, collecting and analysing big data offers a great opportunity for fine tuning the scope of your delegate reach. The nature of information that big data can provide, allows for monitoring possible patterns in key delegate demographics & psychographics, helping you to connect with the right people, the ones who will truly benefit from the conference. Consequently, associations can save time and money when attempting to approach their potential attendees, as they implement big data to target and then contact their ideal prospects.

  • Creating personalised experiences

One of the biggest challenges is to create memorable and unique experiences for all attendees. Your delegates can not share the exact same experience when participating in a conference. There are numerous factors that influence every individual’s taste and feel, so making sure their expectations are met is a key to success. With the latest technological trends and the use of big data you can easily create more personalised and tailor-made experiences. To that extent, they provide unique delegate information about their preferences, sessions they engaged with and others they showed less interest in, as well as clear indications on what triggers or accounts for the loss of their interest. Utilising this volume of information can be the differentiator in maximising engagement.

  • Making real-time adjustments

In combination with creating customised, attendee-centric experiences, the collection of big data offers the rare opportunity to make on-the-fly adjustments and alterations where necessary. From improving the wording of the call-to-action of your choice to last-minute schedule changes, this unique information will help your team to better accommodate the demands of your audience on the spot.

At MCI, we are using technology in alignment with the key needs and goals that organisations require in order to deliver impactful conferences for engaging and activating their audiences. Contact us here to find out how we can help.

If you are looking for more insights on how you can create more impact through digital solutions, contact Laurence Julliard (ICT Business Director | MCI Geneva) at 

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