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Turn Your Audience Into a Powerful Source of Content

Event Content Creation

Content creation is one of the most important tasks in order to build and sustain a strong community throughout your event’s entire life-cycle. The content generated during one sole event can further fuel your social media and blog posts for a significant amount of time even after its passing.

Turning your attendees into a unique source of information creates a gold mine of content, which can significantly increase the impact of your event on them. This in return, offers you valuable insights into what more could make this – as well as your next endeavor – memorable.

Especially when it comes to recurring participants, generating content based on their past experiences and feedback opens up a whole new world of potential, as it gives you a clear understanding of what it takes to expand a committed and engaged community.

So, it is paramount to grasp this opportunity and include the content that your attendees willingly create in your overall strategy. Here are some ways that can help you do that:

Social Media monitoring

The members of your event might not be publishing articles about their experience, but they will almost certainly share their thoughts and comments on their social media accounts. Status-update posts, photos and videos are some of the most common audience-generated pieces of content, which can be leveraged. By creating simple and easy-to-remember hashtags to monitor the conversation around your event you can, later on, gather valuable information about your attendees’ experience and tailor your communication with them according to their needs and expectations.

Collecting visual content

Videos and photos are powerful tools that – if used correctly – can convey the message you want to promote in the most effective way. Create a gallery of impactful images that highlight the feel of your event and capture your audience’s reactions during the sessions.

Utilising live polls

Getting real-time feedback and results through live polling apps gives you useful data that can be translated into statistics, trends and infographics. This tactic can be very effective, especially in regards to hybrid or virtual events, where you can instantly gather information from both physically present attendees as well as online.

Members are more inclined to trust and engage with content from other fellow members, so using your audience’s experience as a basis of further content generation can have a great impact on your online community. See how MCI can help you engage and activate your audiences using the latest technology and implementing social media strategies to your event here.

For more inspiration and ideas, read our client success stories here.

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