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MCI USA Wellness Warriors Walk from DC to Miami (and back… and back again)


Earlier this year, MCI USA participated in the American Public Health Association’s (APHA) 1 Billion Steps Challenge. We’re thrilled to share that our team, MCI Wellness Warriors, walked over 6 million steps!

That’s the equivalent of walking from the MCI Washington office to the MCI Miami office, back to the MCI Washington office, and then back to Miami again. We are so proud of our awesome team!

APHA was hoping that the teams involved in this challenge would collectively walk 1 billion steps. The teams beat this goal and instead walked 2 billion steps! And the MCI Wellness Warriors had a 6 million step hand in breaking that goal.

Here’s how the MCI Wellness Warrior leaderboard finished up at the end of the competition (all steps are based on 30 day averages):

  1. Jenlene Nowak: 14,005
  2. Juli Jones: 13,547
  3. Lee Lowery: 12,606
  4. Colleen Eubanks: 12,363
  5. Joonas Jarvinen: 11,172

Congratulations to all of our team members for a fantastic effort. We surpassed our goal, helped a national effort exceed its goal, had a lot of fun, and became healthier in the process. We are so happy to have walked with the team!

Alison Teitelbaum & Hannah Wardrop, Health and Safety Committee Co-Chairs

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