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Presenting & Selling Your Ideas Successfully

successful business pitch

Competition in our industry is growing rapidly, along with client needs and expectations. Event professionals are facing a series of challenges throughout the course of event design & production which require different approaches in order to be successful. Here we will have a closer look at one of the most important stages in their work-life: pitching – and ideally – selling their ideas successfully.

Have a look at three simple tactics to take your next pitch to the next level and increase your chances in closing the deal:

Start with a hook – sometimes all you get is a small amount of time, so you need to make every minute count, starting from the very first one. Think of what would capture your client’s attention and that would increase their engagement with your story.

Focus on the flow of your story – losing your train of thought and presenting intertwined ideas could irreparably harm the outcome of your presentation. The smoother your storyline is, the more your client will follow and understand the message you want to promote.

Spark conversation – passive presentations run the great risk of failure, as it is highly difficult for your audience to stay engaged. Enhancing interactivity is something you should consider throughout your entire pitching process. Starting with an ice-breaker and continuing your story with interesting questions are two effective ways to keep your presentation lively, but interaction shouldn’t stop there. End your pitch with a conversation rather than with a “yer-or-no-answer” question, and encourage your audience to participate.

Of course, there are other key factors to keep in mind that influence the success of your presentation. For bonus tips, visit the website of MCI’s newest partner Network Media Partners, LLC.; a business services company for associations, specialising in media sales, design, event planning & marketing services.

MCI is successfully continuing its strategic growth and the addition of Network Media Partners accelerates the company’s leadership in delivering a comprehensive suite of innovative, growth-centered solutions for associations. For more information on MCI’s expansion through this new acquisition visit here.

Get a full overview of MCI’s solutions for event professionals here.

Link to the full article here.

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