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Revive Your Event Attendance & Retention

Increase attendance and retention

Event professionals often struggle to find new and refreshing ways to revive the look and feel of their events and breathe new life into their tactics. With attendee satisfaction and retention being the main goals, finding the right formula to success is an ongoing challenge based on the nature of your event.

It is a fact that the value of creating returning attendees is extremely high. With options ranging from social media boosts and e-blasts to customised communication during and after the event, there are quite a few actions to consider for generating this type of added value.

In an effort to ‘think outside of the box’, there are several elements and inspiration that you can take from renowned festivals, like popular music concerts or all-around fairs, that could be proven to be quite useful to incorporate in your overall event strategy.

That being said, here are some factors to keep in mind, which can ultimately help you revive your event and captivate your audience’s attention on a recurring basis:

Commit to your venue and location – creating a unique and set meeting point for your audience, which they can connect with a specific location or venue is a great way to increase retention and boost the local economy. It also helps to further strengthen your business relationship with your current/new venue supplier.

Spread out anticipation – if your event’s duration is long, avoid the ‘slow days’ by adding special features throughout your event programme. For example, if you have secured a line-up of highly acclaimed speakers, spread out the excitement of attending their sessions by scheduling them on different days. By doing so, you increase the chances of your audience to keep coming back for more.

Increase engagement through recognition and rewards – especially when it comes to returning attendees, making them feel special and acknowledged is a powerful tool to increase satisfaction and engagement. Consider employing tactics to build their loyalty, by sending out exclusive information or VIP invitations, for instance. Encourage them to become advocates, communicate your event’s proceedings and high-points to their audiences, actions that can help reviving your event attendance quite significantly.

Get more valuable insights on how to create immersive experiences, leverage event technologies and engage your audiences here.

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