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Successful Lessons on Going to Market in Europe [WEBINAR]

Webinar on the European Market

As part of our webinar series addressing the key challenges that affect associations on a global scale, it is time to take a closer look at the European market from the US associations’ perspective.

US associations often underestimate the importance of having a local value proposition. The lack of validation of benefits, products and services before going to market can potentially lead to poorer performance and even failure.

So, how can they find the most successful approach, while adapting to European sensitivities, cultures, and needs?

Focusing on the main strategic challenges in Europe and the power of market segmentation in providing a tailored customer experience, Florian Cartoux, Director for Europe for IHRSA,the world’s leading fitness association, will share his insights on how US-based associations can answer the aforementioned question.

The webinar is free and will be hosted LIVE on June 8th from 12 – 12.45pm EDT. Moreover, all participants have the chance to submit their questions in advance and seek specific answers for getting a better understanding on the ways US associations can grow in the European landscape.

In more detail, the webinar will explore the following topics:

  • How to position your offerings when Europe is not a single country but 28+ countries that often require a different “go to market” plan
  • Understanding the latest trends that effect the region most in order to adjust to “the age of the customer”
  • Appreciating the importance of market segmentation and tying this to a unique customer experience
  • Knowing the importance of clarifying your value proposition for the European markets
  • How to adapt your marketing channel strategy

There is still time to register, so click here to reserve your spot. For any questions or inquiries regarding the webinar, don’t hesitate to contact MCI’s Senior Advisor, Global Development Strategy, Peter Turner at

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