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Turning Audiences Into Effective Marketing Tools


Marketing is arguably one of the building blocks of event planning; its means are designed and implemented to help your business grow and also attract large audiences for your enlarging your community.

Digital marketing tools, such as email marketing and social media, are essential pieces towards the creation of a complete and effective event marketing strategy. However – despite their popularity – these are not the only tactics to consider.

People who turn up at your events hold great power; a power that planners need to leverage in order to raise the quality of their events, build stronger networks and add more value to their service offering. Of course, direct mail and newsletters may be quite successful for promoting your meeting or event making them topics worthy of online, as well as offline, conversation. Under this framework, having your attendees market your event for you, can be proven to be a sure-fire means to activate new audiences.

It is paramount to keep in mind that enlarging your brand’s fan database with new members is not enough. The essence of community building lies in connecting with them, so determining the most appropriate way to leverage the power of your audience is of great importance.

Here are two aspects to consider for boosting your event marketing strategy:

Word-of-mouthReach out to your most active and prominent members who have a strong following. Motivate them to share relevant content, especially videos or pictures taken during the event, with their online circle of friends. This ‘brand advocacy’ tactic can produce a twofold result: a) increase your planned event’s attendance and b) build-up communication for your next similar occasions to prospect attendees.

Micro-influencers – Within your audience, there are people who are magnetic, respected and above all, heard and trusted. These people, who are in essence everyday individuals with a strong online presence, have the ability to influence their dedicated following and inspire them to engage with your endeavours.

Community building is an integral part of your event’s success, it is important to engage with your key audience members, equip them with reasons to talk about your business and products and, of course, empower them to share within their peers!

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