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Event Professionals Basics: Online Registration

Boost online registration

Online registration is a significant source of revenue for both companies and associations, as well as an effective communication tool for building awareness around the brand and attracting new audiences and members. Creating a seamless registration process is dependent on a series of factors and is an integral part of shaping the attendees’ overall experience.

From improved customer support and access, to early bird pricing, detailed reporting and secure payment processes, online registration offers a wide range of benefits to both event professionals and attendees. Ensuring a streamlined process is essential, but increasing online registrations through the acquisition of new members is the key to your overall success.

Have a look at the most efficient tactics that can help event professionals enhance their online registration methods:

Email Campaigns

While social media are getting increased attention as the most effective means of interaction and engagement with potential attendees, industry professionals should not neglect a tried-and-true channel that all online users are checking every day: their email.

According to a recent report, email campaigns account for an impressive 43% of all ticket sales, so encouraging online registration using extensive – but relevant – emailing contact lists can drive great results for registrations and ultimately revenue. But what is a relevant list?


Before filling an online registration form, users often make use of all the available channels (website, social media pages, blogs, etc.) to gather as much information as possible before making their final decision. Tracking clicks, online reactions and engagement from these platforms is essential for targeting relevant audiences; those who have shown interest in the event and are closer to converting.

By monitoring their buying personas’ behaviour (preferences and reactions to the published content), event professionals can get useful insights on their intention to register and are able to employ additional appropriate marketing tactics for engaging with them on a more frequent basis and ultimately offer more personalised services.

In summary, having a user –and mobile– friendly platform for managing registrations, as well as for requesting the essential information in a short summary format, are basic tools that can ensure a smooth experience for users who opt to register for your event online.

Whether you are interested in enhancing your visibility, boosting participants’ engagement or activating your target audiences, our digital marketing services can help you achieve your goals. For more visit us here.

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